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Anchor Academy is a faith based ministry reaching out to high risk young men between the ages of 16-24. The Academy is located in the rural cotton country of S.E. Missouri 12 miles from Sikeston and 30 miles from Cape Girardeau.

We provide a place for young men to get their lives on track and become responsible, productive citizens. Using a structured environment, we focus on building character, respect for authority, spiritual growth, work ethic, establishing goals, and reconciling family relationships. We work on changing the outside, while God changes the heart. Scripture memorization and daily chapel services help provide each young man with a solid foundation.

We are not a lock-down facility but do maintain continual staff supervision. Dedicated staff members are constantly mentoring and demonstrating Christian character as they work with the young men on an individual basis. A positive student culture allows new students to quickly adjust and be influenced by peers who have committed their heart and life to Jesus Christ. The young men participate in recreational sports, filed trips, ministry outreach, building projects, and seasonal work at a nearby cotton gin. We try to maximize hands on learning through agriculture, building construction, and maintenance.

Our learning center uses the School of Tomorrow curriculum, a self-paced system that focuses on each student’s individual needs to enable him to succeed academically. Credits earned towards graduation can be applied to one of three diploma levels: general, honors, and college prep.

The Anchor Academy is not a state or federally funded school. While monthly tuition from the parent or legal guardian is needed, a large portion of our expenses must be met by contributions of individuals and churches.. We do not accept students with hard criminal backgrounds or those required to take behavior-altering medication. Each student stays in our program for a minimum of one year.

With so many troubled youth in our society, we are excited that young men exiting our program demonstrate a changed life. If you are interested in our application process, please call the office for a phone interview. (573) 471-2900


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