2017 Graduation Festivities

The Bubble Balls have become a big hit at graduation! 

This year we also had a bounce house for the younger ones present, and the young at heart! 

Watermelon and candy and circus peanuts were a few treats enjoyed outside that morning!

Theres the human Foosball game too that takes a little more teamwork to get the hang of and they all did pretty well!

We were able to have all our outside activities set up just across the street from the academy.

Lunch was enjoyed in the air conditioning and many ladies spent all morning preparing it during the festivities. 

Graduation banquet night

All set up in what is normally the school. Everything was rearanged and decorated nicely to accommodate tables and such for our guests! 

. There were some funny skits and several awards for many in the school! Our church’s pastor closed the evening with a few words of encouragement and prayer. 

Many of the students served our guests, while extra people came to help prepare the food. 

Kids sure enjoyed the photo booth area!

The food was awesome!


Gearing up to celebrate graduation tonight. Much preparation has gone into getting the festivities ready to celebrate this year’s graduates at tonights award ceremony and banquet. Not to mention tomorrows activities. Stay tuned! 

Game night!

Every month or so we try to have a game night with all the staff and students. We have different games at each table and switch throughout the evening, while having goodies too of course! Such fun fellowship with everyone! 

Church Kite Day

Today was a fun day. The guys joined our church kite day by first singing a special at church. They sang Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone. Then everyone gathered for hotdogs, nachos, ice cream and an afternoon of flying kites!! 

Foodbank suprizes!

We never know what item we will get a lot of when we get our monthly foodbank pickup at Anchor. This time it was mini marshmellows. We are stocked up now! We get lots of usable items but we have a good laugh over the random things.  It’s a great time of organizing lots of fresh produce and pantry items and we are thankful for it.